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Lychee flowers mead

hive bubbles engraving lychee flowers
Bottle of organic mead 75cl - Bulles de Ruche

A mead with fruity aromas

Bulles de Ruche Litchi is made from the lychee honey of the Compagnie du Miel. Based in Madagascar, it produces an eco-responsible honey that promotes the work of beekeepers who then protect the primary forests. Its lychee honey is a rare and exceptional product that was awarded the Epicure d'Or in 2020.


The cuvée stands out...

On the nose White peach, lychee, white flowers
To the palate White-fleshed fruit
Aromatic intensity Light and delicate

It can be enjoyed with...

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6 vintages to choose from and 1 sparkling honey water
2 sizes: 27.5 cL or 75 cL

x12 x6 x4 x2
Box of bottles Bulle de Ruche
Engraving of beehive cells
x12 x6 x4 x2