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Linden Honey Cuvée 

as you've never drunk it before


A sparkling and natural drink

On the edge between sparkling wine, cider and beer,
the Bulles de Ruche Cuvées offer a wide range
of flavours and aromas!

From flower to glass

With Bulles de Ruche, each cuvée is made from selected, traceable, single-flower honeys, harvested in specific regions by beekeepers who are above all in love with their bees!

Discover the story

From the
fermentation of honey

Bold floral aromas

Fresh, sparkling
and light (4.5°)

Artisanal and
with no added sugar

Old Tom Gin


Distillation of beeswax and of 10 botanicals followed by a breeding of 3 months with organic French chestnut honey.

Lavender flowers
Lychee flowers
Linden flowers
Cherry blossoms
Jura Flowers
Flowers from Mont-St-Michel
Lavender flower mead
hive bubbles engraving lavender flowers
Hydromel Extra-Brut

Lavender flower mead

Bulles de Ruche Lavande is produced from a lavender honey protected by the IGP Provence, harvested by the beekeepers of the Provençal company Miel Martine on the Valensole plateau. Easily recognisable with intense floral aromas that evoke the sweetness of Provence, it is also one of the favourite honeys of the French.

Lychee flowers mead
hive bubbles engraving lychee flowers
Hydromel Extra-Brut

Lychee flowers mead

Bulles de Ruche Litchi is made from the lychee honey of the Compagnie du Miel. Based in Madagascar, it produces an eco-responsible honey that promotes the work of beekeepers who then protect the primary forests. Its lychee honey is a rare and exceptional product that was awarded the Epicure d'Or in 2020.

Lime blossom mead
hive bubbles engraving lime blossoms
Hydromel Extra-Brut

Lime blossom mead

Bulles de Ruche Tilleul is made from honey harvested in the Halatte forest in the Oise region by the Fourneaux family, beekeepers for 3 generations. This honey is known for its persistent botanical aromas, its length and its particular bitterness.

Cherry blossom mead
engraving of Piedmont cherry blossoms
Organic extra raw mead

Cherry blossom mead

Bulles de Ruche Fleurs de cerisiers is an organic Extra-Brut mead made from honey harvested by Simone Toselli and Davide Colombo in their orchards in Piedmont. This cuvée is marked by intense aromas of cherry, rhubarb and honey, with a characteristic acidic touch on the palate, similar to that found in Lambic beers. The organic honey used in this cuvée is controlled and certified by the Ecocert organisation.

Jura Flowers mead
engraving mountain flowers of the Jura
Organic extra raw mead

Jura Flowers mead

Bulles de Ruche Fleurs de montagne du Jura is a light and delicate cuvée offering aromas of flowers and plant essences gathered by bees in the heart of the Jura massif: bramble, lime, acacia, hawthorn, dandelion or even fir and a finish on aromas of wild strawberries. The organic honey that composes this cuvée is from the French fair trade certified Agri-ethic, it is committed to the fair remuneration of producers, respect for bees and consumers and supports sustainable and reasoned beekeeping.

Mead Flowers of Mont-St-Michel
engraving flowers of Mont-Saint-Michel
Hydromel Extra-Brut

Mead Flowers of Mont-St-Michel

The Cuvée Bulles de Ruche Printemps de la baie du Mont Saint Michel is made from "all flowers" honey harvested by Nicolas Wiart at the beginning of the beekeeping season. Composed essentially of honey from the flowers of clover, apple trees, rape and acacia, it is the Extra-Brut mead that will have the most gustatory similarities with the meads of our ancestors. The floral aromas of spring honey appear quickly to give way to hazelnut aromas over the length.

Watercolour lavender and Bulles de Ruche

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2 sizes: 27.5 cL or 75 cL

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Box of bottles Bulle de Ruche
Engraving of beehive cells
x12 x6 x4 x2

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