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Mead Flowers of Mont-St-Michel

engraving flowers of Mont-Saint-Michel
Bulles de Ruche mead cuvée Fleurs de printemps de la baie du Mont-Saint-Michel bottle 27,55cl

Cuvée Bulles de Ruche Printemps de la baie du Mont Saint Michel is made from "all-flower" honey harvested by Nicolas Wiart at the start of the beekeeping season. Composed essentially of honey from the flowers of clover, apple, rapeseed and acacia, this is the Extra-Brut mead with the most similar taste to the meads of our ancestors. The floral aromas of spring honey appear quickly, giving way to hazelnut flavors on the long finish.


The cuvée stands out...

On the nose Honey and yeast aromas (toast, biscuit, brioche)
On the palate Aromas of honey and length on red fruits like pomegranate
Aromatic intensity Pronounced

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Box of bottles Bulle de Ruche
Engraving of beehive cells
x12 x6 x4 x2