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Once upon a time,
the modernmead



Mead is an alcoholic drink made from the fermentation of honey.

In the collective imagination, it is associated with a powerful and intense nectar or liqueur. It is often associated with mythology where its consumption is reserved for Greek gods, Gallic druids or Viking warriors.

Honey pot Bulles de Ruche
Engraving honey Hive Bubbles

the flower, the bee
and two men

Man pouring honey into a Hive Bubbles tank
Lavender Flowers Hive Bubbles

The Bulles de Ruche project was born from the desire of its founder Paul-Augustin to toast with a resolutely modern drink.

Fascinated by the great diversity and organoleptic properties of honeys, he looked into its alcoholic fermentation known as "mead". He then decided to literally break its codes to enhance the floral side of honey in a light and sparkling drink with a low alcohol content.

Paul-Augustin Delattre pouring honey into a Bulles de Ruche tank

Imbued with a generational concern to combine taste and health, I wanted this healthy and light drink, reflecting by nature the qualities of its noble main ingredient: honey.

Paul-Augustin Delattre in beekeeper's outfit
Paul-Augustin Delattre and Marc-Antoine Fulconis at the Bulles de Ruche tasting
Apéritif Bulles de Ruche

It is with this desire to offer an innovative and daring product, while preserving the authenticity and character of the ancestral recipe that he begins production in February 2020. He was joined in the adventure, in December of the same year, by Marc-Antoine Fulconis who spread the concept of Bulles de Ruche throughout France.

A co-creation
with nature

1. Honey Blocks Hive Bubbles
Engraving honey spoon Hive Bubbles
1. The base

Meticulous selection of honeys

  • Monofloral honey chosen for its aromatic properties
  • Traceability and production excellence
  • Respect for bees & nature
2. Honey pot Bulles de Ruche
Engraving honey barrel Hive Bubbles
2. Know-how

An exceptional fermentation

  • Slow fermentation to preserve the subtlety of the aromas
  • Low temperature in stainless steel tanks
  • Selection of yeasts for their ability to preserve the aromatic profile of honeys
3. Mead Hive Bubbles
Engraving Hive Bubbles
3. The secret

The transformation

  • No sulphites or preservatives
  • Gluten and colouring free

Put together your own box

6 vintages to choose from and 1 sparkling honey water
2 sizes: 27.5 cL or 75 cL

x12 x6 x4 x2
Box of bottles Bulle de Ruche
Engraving of beehive cells
x12 x6 x4 x2