• Free delivery from 3 bottles 75cL
  • Free delivery from 3 bottles 75cL

Old Tom Gin

Follow the black cat...

The rumor takes us to London in 1736 where the renowned Captain Dudley Bradstreet is said to have started making a bootleg gin that he aged in his bathtub with a touch of sugar. He is said to have adorned his window with a black-painted cat, nicknamed Tom, and let the town know that a sweet, delicate gin could be obtained by following the black cat. Under the cat's paw was a slot and a lead pipe from inside the house. If you yelled "Kitty" outside the window and got a "Meow" in response, all you had to do was drop a coin in the slot and place your cup or mouth directly under the pipe to retrieve the precious beverage. Bradstreet's idea was soon copied throughout London and soon the Old Tom became an affectionate nickname for the slightly sweet gins. As a tribute to this delicious legend, we are proud to present our version of Old Tom Gin, distilled from 11 meticulously selected organic botanicals and aged for 3 months in organic French chestnut honey.

The "Old Tom" style of the GIN category is already a different style in its own right, forgotten (almost) by everyone, with a personality and a strong historical anchor; it is the "ancestor" of contemporary styles.

Beyond trying to bring this ancestral style up to date, we wanted to value the beekeeping world in its recipe distilling beeswax in the still and aging the gin for 3 months by infusing it with organic chestnut honey from Isère. Finally, beyond the recipe and the concept, we also wanted to work entirely with organic raw materials, glass bottles containing color variations and imperfections related to their production in small series of 100% PCR glass (post-consumer recycled glass) and a case made of 100% recycled / 100% recyclable cardboard and environmentally friendly inks.

Capacity : 70cL - Final alcohol content : 42%.


Organic Juniper berry, Organic Chestnut tree honey, Organic Corsican Pomelo peel, Organic Pyrenean Fir cone, Organic Coriander seed, Wild Cassia cinnamon, Organic Beeswax, Organic Green Cardamom, Wild Timur, Organic Rose petals, Wild Chamomile.