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Spruchtz cocktail Hive Bubbles

Pollen-infused Aperol*, beeswax-infused aquavit*, truffle honey syrup, lemon juice, Hive Bubbles Lime by Nico de Soto


22,5mL - Honey Syrup with Truffle

22.5mL - Lemon juice

3 pinches of salt

Topping Hive Bubbles Lime

*For the beeswax infused aquavit (15mL)

Aquavit 3cl

Beeswax 3cl

*For pollen-infused aperol (45mL)

20g - Bee Pollen

1L - Aperol




Wine glass


*Pollen-infused aquavit

Heat the wax in a water bath.
When the wax is hot, pour it into a glass bottle and cover the entire inside of the bottle with the wax.
Pour the aquavit into the bottle and leave to infuse for a week at room temperature.

*Pollen Aperol

Heat the bee pollen in 1L of Aperol at 55° until the pollen is dissolved. Filter through a coffee filter and set aside.

Mix it all together.

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