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Lavender flower mead

hive bubbles engraving lavender flowers
Bottle of organic lavender mead 75cl - Bulles de Ruche

A mead with floral aromas

Bulles de Ruche Lavande is produced from a lavender honey protected by the IGP Provence, harvested by the beekeepers of the Provençal company Miel Martine on the Valensole plateau. Easily recognisable with intense floral aromas that evoke the sweetness of Provence, it is also one of the favourite honeys of the French.


The cuvée stands out...

On the nose Lavender, black tea, violet, smoky
On the palate Floral aromas
Aromatic intensity Medium to pronounced

It can be enjoyed with...

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6 vintages to choose from and 1 sparkling honey water
2 sizes: 27.5 cL or 75 cL

x12 x6 x4 x2
Box of bottles Bulle de Ruche
Engraving of beehive cells
x12 x6 x4 x2